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Access Location

Veteran's Park

Edgewater, NJ 

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River Road , Edgewater, behind the baseball parks. Large area of rip-rap and boulders at the waters edge. Area is well hidden behind the ball fields, but it’s worth a shot. Incoming tides are best here. Free parking is available by the ball fields. This area has come under some scrutiny lately because the town of Edgewater likes to close off the area to all but Edgewater residents. We have not heard of any actual police harassment, but the availability of this site is sometimes in question. It is another of the many fights needed to allow the public to enjoy the River we all own.

Sandworms fished on an incoming tide works well here, particularly during low light conditions. Plenty of benches and trees makes this a comfortable spot.  Catfish are here most of the year.

Bringing a fish in over the rocks can be a challenge at low tide.

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