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Access Location

The Pipeline

West New York, N. J.

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River Road, at the entrance to Jacobs Ferry condo development, West New York, N.J. This is a sewer outflow pipe which extends 715 feet into the river with a steel walkway above it. Walk out to the end and you realize the swift current that passes over this man made structure.

Pipeline air1.JPG (68227 bytes) Bring heavy sinkers for this area. Parking has all but been eliminated in this area because of the heavy construction from the “Jacobs Ferry” development. HRFA member Ken Carson tells us the fishing is difficult at the very end of the pier due to heavy currents. He likes to fish about 50 feet from the end. .
The walkway to the south of the Pipeline is also good if you can cast out far enough during low water. Crabbing around the pilings of this facility is also popular from mid to late August through September.

Be careful not to drop any equipment while fishing on this pier.  It is a steel mesh flooring and things fall right through to the water.  Stripers stack up near the end on the south side of the pier.

Parking in this area is out of the question.  Walk, roller blade, or ride your bike but parking is difficult for the residents and impossible for visitors.   Developers of this condo complex did a very poor job in planning for visitors not only for the residents but the walkway as well.

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