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Pier A  


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This newly built pier is just north of the Hoboken Train Terminal. Take 1st street east as far as you can go and it will end at River Drive and Pier A.   This is a giant pier that did have developmental plans which were dominated by an 18-story office building. Hudson River Walkway Coordinator Bill Neyenhouse had some other uses in mind for this huge abandoned pier. Bill talked it over with the HRFA NJ and between us the plan came about to make it a park. No buildings, no condos, and no stores. Instead there are trees benches, and grass.  The plans were drawn up and wala!  One of the premier parks along the Hudson River emerged.

The park area encompasses more than just the pier.  You can walk along the shoreline to the north of this pier and catch fish right from your bench.

Looking north from the pier you can see this is a large area.  There is plenty of parking but there are also plenty of cars.  This is an urban area. Walking to this location is more practical than driving.  Bicycles are also a great way to move around here. There are bicycle and roller blade pathways all around the area. 

Fishing rod holders on your bike often starts many a conversation.


The pier is big.   It goes a long way out! There are benches, gazebos, bicycle and roller blade paths and a grassy field all on this pier! 

And, it  also produces a lot of fish!

There is a great fish cleaning station on the north side of the pier. pier_A_2.jpg (14380 bytes)

Locals like to fish the north east corner on both the incoming and outgoing tides. Cast to the north from the tip and let a sandworm or cut bunker sit on the bottom. A long rope attached to a hoop net is used to land your fish as it is quite high off the water. Some use a large treble style gaff attached to a rope to lift the fish up the pier.   Releasing fish is not possible using this method and the HRFA does not recommend using the rope gaffs.

You can find parking on the street but you may have to go around the block a few times. HRFA member Tony Evangelista fishes this spot in the late spring and says it’s great for stripers and weakfish. This pier produces stripers, weakfish, catfish and fluke in the early spring. The summer months have the schoolie stripers and snapper bluefish showing up. The fall has some of the biggest bass in the river being pulled up over the end of this pier. This location has become one of the premier fishing spots on the River.
Let us know how you do!
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This satellite photo will give you an idea of the area

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   Hudson Place, Hoboken. This is a small area at the north end of the old Erie Lackawanna Ferry & Train station. Old ferryboats used to dock here but now the area is available for stripers, tommycod, as well as an occasional bluefish and schools of bunker. Live bunker is probably the best striped bass and bluefish bait on the river. Deep water at this location. A small free parking area is available as well as street parking. The street parking is at a premium.

   With the advent of more and more ferry service this location has become difficult to fish.  Better to move to Pier A  which is only a block to the north of this location. Just tot the north of Pier A is Frank Sinatra Park and castle Point.  All three locations are among the best fishing locations of the River.


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