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Exchange Place, (Grundy Park) Jersey City 

Jersey City, Take Washington Blvd. to Montgomery Street and head towards the river to Exchange Place. ( The PATH Terminal ) One of the outstanding examples of functional fishing piers and great recreational parks on the river. On the street parking is available and very tough during the week. If you don’t catch fish, the view will knock you out. Bring your camera. This is an outstanding fishing spot for stripers and blues and an occasional fluke, or blackfish. The flag holders around the railings make great rod holders. The pier is well lit so you can fish well in to the darkness. The Friday and Saturday night concerts will have you dancing while you’re reeling in stripers.

This location became famous during the fall of 2001 when Kristie Ramos, fishing with her husband at 2:30 am landed a 51 Lb. 4 oz. striped bass from this pier. 

Here is her report from that day...

   My fish was caught at 2:30 am  I used a chunk of bunker  with a 20lb test line my rod was  a custom built rod from my husband.  I'm pretty sure it was outgoing tied.  My fish was measure that night at 52in and weighted in at 51 lbs 4oz   still waiting from the state to hear the results.
   I caught this fish on November 2 at 2:30 am at Grundy Pier (also know as exchange place ) in Jersey City  across   from New York right in front of the no longer there twin towers.
I did not release this fish because I was checking to see if I had beat the record for the state  which is still being check out this time.
Kristie Ann Ramos
Jersey City NJ
and if you also want to mention  that I could not have done it with out my great GUIDE my husband  Emilio M Ramos

Kristie Ann Ramos

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   A few days before, Kristie had lost a fish even large than this one.  She lost the fish on the gaff while bringing it up the pier.   Her husband on October 24th of the same year landed a 35 pound striper from the same location.  His was 40 inches long.


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