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The Chart House & Riva Point

The Chart House



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   Harbor Boulevard. Weehawken, N. J. Just east of the Lincoln Tunnel approach and bordering the north side of Lincoln Harbor marina. The Chart House restaurant burned down in 1998 and has now been completely rebuilt. The new restaurant is open for business as of the summer of 2000. The owners so far are still friendly towards fishermen using their pier. You can still fish along the sides of this pier. Every year this area produces some outstanding sized striped bass. Evenings work well at this location. Moe from Moe’s tackle in Jersey City likes to fish the north side of the pier as close to the restaurant as you are allowed.

The crabbing is also excellent off this pier. Be aware of the shellfish advisories. Also be aware that this is a high class restaurant so keep your fishing area clean for their customers.

charthouse3.jpg (98665 bytes) The pier is one of our more popular locations for the shoreline angler.  The walkway brings anglers and passersby to the restaurant. The restaurant patrons enjoy the view of watching the public pass by with the river and city behind. Moe from Moe's Tackle in jersey City tell us the north side of the pier is the best for fishing.  Parking spots can be at a premium. What this upper class restaurant has done was take a section of their parking lot, on the north side, and set aside several parking places for "Fishermen Only."  The signs are clearly visible.
Of course, outstanding views can be seen form this pier both in daylight and darkness.  The pier is well lit making it easy for fishermen to fish well in to the evening hours. charthouse4.jpg (83093 bytes)

October 20, 2000 Ken Thompson pulled in a 42 pound, 46 inch Striped Bass off this pier.

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Ken's Story...
     On a Friday night me, my brother in law, and my two sons went fishing.  First we picked up some peanut bunker from Moe's bait and tackle on south street in Jersey City. Then we headed to the Chart House in Weehawken, where we began to fish off the pier. On that night it was low tide.

   We were there about 20 minutes when the bell on the pole rang. We ran over by the pole.  It was bent almost in half. This would begin our 35 minutes of fighting to get the fish in. We had to use a treble hook, with crab line to pull the fish up, onto the pier. For the next hour and a 1/2,All the people in the Chart House were  coming out to see the fish. Also the port authority police came to take pictures. The next day we went fishing for about 2 hours, and the people were coming on the pier, just to see the big fish that we caught. No one could ever tell us there are no fish in the Hudson River.
                              Ken  Thompson


Riva Point'

Ferry Dock south of Riva' Point

Weehawken, N. J. Fishing access is just south of the ferry dock at the end of Harbor Boulevard. This area produces a good amount of schoolie stripers each year. Crabbing is also good, but be aware of the advisories of eating shellfish. Ample free parking is available in the shopping center lot but it is a hike. We are negotiating with the Hotel for a couple of closer parking spots.

The ferry service has gotten more and more busy after September 11, 2001. Stay south of the ferry dock.

This is the area near the ferry service.  The extension of the pier beyond the railing makes it poor for landing a fish.  Walk to the area just south of here behind the Sheraton Suite Hotel.

This is the area behind the hotel.  Parking is not as restrictive and members pull in more from fish here. Landing the fish is much easier from this area.   Benches are situated all along this area with parking just behind you.   Excellent fishing from here.


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