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Castle Point / Sinatra Park Hoboken...Steven's College


Hoboken, N. J. 

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   River Drive (Frank Sinatra Boulevard) in Hoboken, just below the college and dormitories. Just south of Union Dry Dock. Street parking is available on the northbound side of the street only.  Plenty of parking spaces but there are also plenty of cars during the week.

   A new fishing pier has been built on the north side of the “old Point.” The pier is in the shape of a “T” to facilitate more fishermen at the end. This pier is the direct result of the hard work done by Mr. Bill Neyenhouse of the NJ DEP.  He had taken the idea of the "T" shape of the pier from the HRFA and made it a reality.  We think it works well.

   There is a stainless steel fish cleaning station, a gazebo to stay out of the rain and plenty of benches to sit on. The railings are made of that “Trex” material that looks like wood but is actually a plastic composition and gives no splinters.  The pier extends 125 feet out in to the river and the depth at the end is 20 feet deep at low tide. The entire area between these two locations offers excellent fishing.

Sandworms work in this area all year long.  Fishing all along the walkway between this location and the Pier A just to the south offers excellent fishing opportunities. Many members report large striped bass from these areas all year long. Casle point 3.jpg (11448 bytes)
     Castle Point is a small concrete block pier with a lot of rip-rap directly in front (east). HRFA members fish the corner and cast towards lower Manhattan and you wouldn’t get hung up.
     You may have to go around the block to the west and park along the apartments and walk down to the park. A great location with plenty of room to fish off the point. The concrete rubble at the north end of the park is a great place to catch catfish in the spring and stripers in the fall.

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Just south of the Castle Point Pier on Frank Sinatra Drive, within walking distance, is the new Frank Sinatra Park. Ball fields, a café (which serves beer), soccer fields, and fishing all take place at this location. The park also offers a canoe and kayak launch ramp.

Parking is on the street and at a premium.

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An aerial photo of the Castle point pier area compliments of Mr. Bill Neyenhouse of the NJ DEP.


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